Benefits of Joining Produce Collective to buy
Fruit and Vegetable For Sale

The following points demonstrate how market participants will readily realise the benefits of the Produce Collective platform:
A comprehensive source of transaction tools including a business directory, buy-sell-trade, job centre, market reports, and discussion forum for better interaction and communication.

Connecting to a wider range of buyers and sellers of fruit and vegetables

Enhances current linear one-on-one negotiations between growers, and sellers and buyers, providing an expansive marketplace for growers to maximise their revenue (ie, more buyers, worldwide, looking at their available produce, eliminating wastage).

Access to market data about fresh produce

Market data allows agents and wholesalers to order specific lines of produce in response to consumer demand cycles, giving them the opportunity for higher returns.

Searchable audit trail of every negotiation and transaction resulting in greater transparency

An audit trail of every negotiation and transaction conducted on the platform. Automated transaction process eliminates the need for time consuming phone calls, messages and early morning trade negotiations.

Prices are more transparent along the entire supply chain.

Searchable audit trail of every negotiation and transaction

Convenient point of contact with service providers and business specialists at a central online site. Better informed decision making. A greater certainty is provided to the produce purchaser and supplier through the ability to order fresh produce before it is physically available.

Access to a wider range of buyers and sellers

As well as agents and wholesalers having a greater number of buyers looking at their produce, buyers of fruit and vegetables are also able to find and connect with more produce suppliers, increasing their ability to find required stock grades and amounts.

A feedback system that verifies and increases the value of your business

A rating system will encourage good business practices and relationships and reward the agents and wholesalers with better quality produce.

The platform will foster market transparency as buyers of fruit and vegetables are able to view supplier prices while accessing industry data that shows accurate benchmarking. This will engender fairer trading practices for everyone.

Fresh produce agents and wholesalers will benefit from access to a greater numbers of buyers of fruit and vegetables including being able to establish a broader network, certainty of sales (eliminating stock wastage) and improved planning practices.