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Survey - the 7 main frustrations and worries faced by buyers of fresh produce, preventing them from making more money.

The "7 Deadly Truths" Leaves buyers of fruit and vegetables Distraught With Worry they will be Squeezed Out of Business by the Big players in the market, Dragged Into Debt and Unable to Provide the Good Family Lifestyle they should have…

Join other buyers using the Produce Collective and You will end up with more money in your hand...

Reduced Prices

Better Quality Produce

Convenient ... 24/7

Wide range of sellers

A more efficient, time saving and cheaper way to buy fresh produce

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Produce Collective is specifically designed to give Buyers access to a wider range of sellers, from whom they can order at any time day or night, saving time and setting the foundations for greater profits.

and help minimise the effects of the main frustrations faced by buyers of fresh produce.

Survey ... lists the 7 main frustrations faced by buyers of quality, fresh produce ...

Competition by buyers of fresh produce from the major players – this rated as one of the main concerns facing buyers ... as these buyers can have the greatest effect on the state of the market and the prices ... the produce collective trading platform is designed to offer buyers of fresh produce, a wider range of farmers and growers with produce at favourable prices, giving an advantage over your competition, this translates to more money in your hand.

Quality of produce

harvest date, dealing direct and maintenance of the cool chain, are amongst the more important factors affecting the quality of fresh produce.

It is these factors that ensures less shrinkage or wastage and the resultant better profits.

Profit levels

the marketing of their organisation, produce and services to increase market share and profitability... each aspect of produce collective is designed to help you maximise your profitability from social media, reduced prices, wide range of sellers, buy, sell trade of equipment, the job centre, getting the right people, for the job...

you all be astounded at how much the site will help you.


deciding how to best market and how to take advantage of the internet and social media ... this is where the produce collective team can really help the buyers of fresh produce who don't know which way to turn for successful internet marketing and social media, we have developed a program to help you market yourself and your company.


The inconvenience of the almost daily grind, running round to find and select the right fruit and vegetables, not having access to currently available promotional products and advantageous pricing that can improve your profit margins. Produce collective is available to you 24/7. that means you can access sellers at times that best suits you.

shrinkage or wastage

There's nothing more demoralising than having to throw out fruit and vegetables that you have bought and paid for as good quality ... worse ... you have to pay for the removal of this often rotting produce. Fresher and better quality produce, such as available on produce collective. ensures less shrinkage or wastage and better profits.

Ever increasing costs

with costs rising in every aspect of the produce business, particularly labour costs, shrinkage, training, time consuming paperwork and compliance costs ... produce collective helps reduce costs, keeping a record of every transaction, pallets and transport ... all easily searchable

Your Farming Business is Undervalued, Making it Hard to Expand, Sell or Pass on to your Children

Your Business is Undervalued, Making it Hard to Expand, Sell or Pass on to your Children

If you’re worried about what you’ll pass onto your children, you’re not alone. Everybody thinks about it. But what about if you knew you could do better for your family by doing better in business? So much of your success depends on bargaining power, be it with the bank when negotiating for loans or an overdraft, or when trading with purchasers and suppliers. This is about being in a position of strength and establishing your name as a credible brand. Now that’s something worth handing over to your next generation.

As well as broadening your market through access to a wider range of growers and suppliers, Produce Collective gives added credibility to your business via a recognised independent validation of trade figures, transactions and process rating (from the people who really matter, your industry peers) that will add real value to your business.

As the saying goes, banks lend you an umbrella in the sunshine and take it away when it rains. We see this when they lend money to sound businesses but rarely extend the courtesy to a struggling business. But what if you introduced an expansive online platform to your business that broadened your market reach, improved connections and lifted profits? How would the bank respond then? Produce Collective is the solution that checks these boxes, making your operations recognised publically, globally in fact, and giving you real power when it comes to expanding or selling your business.

Using Produce Collective gives you access to the best marketing people Australia has to offer by providing information on how to help grow your business, including copywriting and marketing techniques, business coaches, how to negotiate better deals, and so on.

Joining Produce Collective puts you in a better position when you want to expand, update, improve or streamline your business, giving you power to request bigger loans from the banks, and providing peace of mind when it comes time to pass your hard earned gains on to your children.

Of course, the real money comes from selling a profitable business, and you can only get top dollar when you’re doing all you can to earn top results. Produce Collective will help you build a company and sell for a fortune instead of leaving behind a business that is barely breaking even. Now that’s a real exit strategy!

Now that you know how and why your profits are being ploughed by a system that is hopelessly out-of-touch with today’s powerful online marketing mechanism, and now realise there is a way to reclaim the rewards of your hard work, don’t wait a minute longer. Email us now at or visit, include your business on Produce Collective, and start making the profits you deserve.