Programs for Agents, Wholesalers and Consolidators of Fresh Produce

These programs are for both Buyers and Sellers of fresh produce and involves many varieties of fruit and vegetables... The programs have been developed to help you and your organisation market successfully to take advantage of the internet and social media.

The Core Essential Program for Agents, Wholesalers and Consolidators (CEPWAC)

The core essential marketing program for both Buyers and Sellers of fresh produce is valued at $3,470. sponsors have made it possible for Produce Collective to offer this program at no cost to eligible participants. The main sponsor is courtesy of the Ralph Anania organisation. Ralph Anania is a renown International speaker and one of Australia's leading Business Coaches. He has enormous knowledge and experience in many aspects of Fresh Produce and wants to give something back to the Industry.

5 easy steps to bigger profits for you...

1Register online or call us.

2Enter the details of the produce you want to sell at a good price.

3Receive notification from buyers of produce on offer.

4Negotiate your price... and you are ready to make money.

5Tick to join our Core Essential Program for agents, wholesalers and consolidators of fresh produce.


We setup the marketing program for you based on the information you supply.
The program is designed help you market your organisation, to secure a future of increased profits
putting more money in your hand.

The Extended Program for Wholesalers, Agents and Consolidators

The extended program is available to eligible participants for only $847 (valued at more than $6,000 and priced at $4,770)... The program is designed to set you up to take advantage of modern communication, marketing and social media platforms to give you a better return... putting more money in your hand. You give us the details of your business and best of all... we then set it up for you, this includes...

PC Marketlink – the trading platform designed to offer a worldwide range of buyers, information on market demand to help reduce wastage.

PC Connect-In – the farmers and growers community online, offering a unified communication centre.

A profile "website" - to help market your company, produce or service.

An email address - if you don't have one already.

Facebook - meet with 800 million people.

Referron - A referral management system, where your business comes from, and where it can go.

LinkedIn - where you can link with other business people...

Twitter and Google+

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